Treat Bleeding Gums Naturally Or Risk Damaging Them Forever!

Finding Ways to Treat Your Bleeding Gums Naturally

Problems with your gums can be very painful and challenging to deal with. dental treatments may not be the right thing for you, as many treatments are intrusive and painful. Finding alternative ways to solve bleeding and painful gums is critical and can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Understanding the Cause of Bleeding Gums

Your gums will bleed when they are not taken care of with proper regiments of brushing, flossing, and mouth rinses. Bleeding gums will often come from not properly following these routines and the best natural solution is changing your teeth maintenance routine. 

If your gums are sensitive to bleeding then try a soft bristled toothbrush which can help. Some people have sensitivities to gum problems even with proper techniques and instead are interested in ways to treat bleeding gums naturally, as opposed to more intrusive dental treatment.

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Rinsing with Salt Water

Salt water rinses do two things for inflamed and bleeding gums. Salt water can dry out bacteria that can grow and inhibit your gums which can prevent inflammation and future plaque build up. In addition, salt water rinses can help to remove inflammation as it is anti inflammatory. Too much salt water can be counterproductive and harm your gums so keep the salt levels down initially when doing these salt water rinses.

Using Natural Herb Remedies

A wide range of herbs can be good for your gums including echinacea, peppermint, thyme, and mint. You can rub these herbs on your teeth or regularly use them in your foods to help to Treat bleeding gums naturally. Cloves are one of the most effective ways to reduce gum swelling and has been a known treatment for gum problems for centuries.

Gum Massages

After you brush your teeth, you can massage your teeth with clean fingers to improve the blood circulation to keep them healthy and reduce the swelling in your gums. Be gentle with doing so and avoid scrapping them with your nails. 

Changing Your Diet

As a long term solution, try changing your diet away from starchy and sugary foods that wear down your teeth and leave plaque on your teeth. Instead, try to add foods like dairy that are rich in calcium or crunchy vegetables that help to wipe the plaque off your teeth. Green tea can also remove many of the bacteria that can cause gum problems and help to heal bleeding gums naturally.

Considering if Natural Remedies are the Way to Go...

Natural remedies can go a long way towards cleaning out your gums and preventing them from being painful and bleeding. In serious solutions when these natural remedies are not solving the problem or when the pain is extreme and long lasting, head to your dentist. Describe to them what you are doing and that you want to stick to natural solutions for bleeding gums, if possible. 

Sometimes natural home remedies aren't enough and your dentist will need to do a scrape of your teeth to remove bacteria and plaque that has built up far up your gum line where the natural rinses and dietary changes cannot touch. While you may prefer to heal bleeding gums naturally, there are times you have no other option.

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